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“This short film is perfect for my group of brain injury survivors where we discuss the challenges and humor that come with daily executive function challenges.”  –Lisa Stember, MS, CCC-SLP

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Cheryl has given presentations to a wide variety of audiences, including;

  • state and national professional training conferences
  • peers with brain injury
  • service providers
  • graduate students in speech-language pathology
  • grade school classes
  • families of those with brain injuries

Presentations are tailored to meet each audience’s goals and needs, from informal Q and A to research-based lectures.

To inquire about scheduling a speaking engagement, please contact me: or 503-432-3169


Speaking topics include:

  • Context-oriented cognitive rehabilitation
  • Communication differences after adult acquired brain injury: storytelling, conversation, and following directions
  • Mild traumatic brain injury: how mild-moderate executive dysfunction creates barriers to accessing cognitive rehabilitation
  • Disability film and comedy: using performance for self advocacy, breaking stigma, and connecting to community
  • Sports brain injury awareness: lifelong consequences of “getting your bell rung” and youth sports legislation
  • Beyond ramps: creating access and inclusion for people with non-apparent disabilities in the workplace, schools, and leisure activities
  • Community-based support: what we do after rehabilitation ends
  • Provider-patient communication: how to maximize understanding and follow-through for individuals with cognitive impairments due to brain injury
  • Personhood after brain injury: impaired awareness, denial or identity

Narrative Medicine and Disability Studies

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StoryMinders spotlights the stories told by those affected by brain injury so that they are included in narratives from the larger disability communities and non-disability communities in accessible ways.


Through accessible media arts, advocacy, and education, StoryMinders shares unique, first-hand stories of brain injury as a path toward equitable inclusion and community change. We create accessible media in cross-disability settings, emphasizing disability identity and culture.

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