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“Who Am I To Stop It”

Description: Three artists with traumatic brain injury disabilities use arts to reconnect to a sense of Kris Haas, Dani Sanderson, and Brandon Scarthidentity, self-pride, and community and to assert their agency and self-advocacy. This feature-length documentary centers the artists’ narratives with compassion and honesty, creating complex portraits that go beyond medical aspects of brain injury.

Run time: 86 minutes

Access: Audio Description (for blind and visually impaired audiences), Closed Captions, and Descriptive English Subtitles.

Cost: Visit New Day Films  for DVD, streaming, purchase, and rental options for educational institutions and community organizations.

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“Cooking with Brain Injury”


Description: This short looks at daily struggles of life after traumatic brain injury with humor. It’s a TV Cheryl Green and Bill Alton stare at a pan on the stove in StoryMinders "Cooking with Brain Injury"cooking show where the cooks are stymied by a piece of salmon and their own unpredictable obstacles.

Run time:  10 minutes

Access: Closed Captions

Cost:  Watch through Vimeo Video on Demand here:

“Friending with Brain Injury!”


Description: Three characters with brain injury attempt to friend each other on a game show with rules Kathy Coleman, Jacqui Orlosky, Bill Alton, and Cheryl Green on the set of "Friending with Brain Injury!"that don’t work. Filled with dark comedy, the film opens up a dialogue about some very painful parts of reality.

Run time:  13 minutes

Access: Closed Captions and Audio Description

Cost: Coming soon on Vimeo on Demand.


“Who Am I To Stop It”:


  • University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

“Cooking with Brain Injury”:


  • Seminar, Portland, OR


  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL



“Friending with Brain Injury!”:


  • Seminar, Portland, OR


  • Disability Art and Culture Project and Portland Community College’s “Incline”, Portland, OR


  • VSA Texas’s Disability From Real to Reel Film Festival, Austin, TX
  • With DACP for Disability Comedy Movie Night, Portland, OR
  • For National Brain Injury Awareness Month, Portland State University’s Scholars for the Awareness of Neuroscience (SANE) club screening

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  1. […] The films in “The Tablet Shorts, Out” are “Treat,” “The Heart’s the Matter,” and “Kitchen Not!”. The stories, ideas, and film styles are about as different as three short films can be. So these films can really be interesting to a very broad audience. It’s not like only people in the brain injury community or only people in the disability community would enjoy them. Together, they touch on humor, horror, gore, health, surgery, stigma, poverty, race, disability, food, secrets, obsessions, death and advocacy. What a line up! Buy your copy of the DVD on my website here. […]

  2. […] This 13 minute DVD is available for $12.95 and includes shipping.  It is listed on Story Minders Disability Access and Film Features.  Click here to order. […]

  3. Friending with Brain Injury Challenges Survivors
    January 2, 2014 at 8:54 am ·

    […] This 15 minute DVD is available for $12.95 and includes shipping.  Scroll down the list on Story Minders Disability Access and Film Features.  Click here to order. […]

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StoryMinders spotlights the stories told by those affected by brain injury so that they are included in narratives from the larger disability communities and non-disability communities in accessible ways.


Through accessible media arts, advocacy, and education, StoryMinders shares unique, first-hand stories of brain injury as a path toward equitable inclusion and community change. We create accessible media in cross-disability settings, emphasizing disability identity and culture.

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