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“Film can bring personal stories to life while challenging the stigma, isolation, and social inequities people with disabilities routinely experience.”  –Cheryl Green, StoryMinders


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About StoryMinders

We believe everyone has wonderfully exciting stories to tell. Brain injury does not take that away. Like life, our individual stories don’t all follow the same course. At StoryMinders, we explore the story inside every conversation, poem, picture, secret thought, and glance of the eye to build society’s understanding and inclusion of individuals with brain injury.

Our goal is to honor each storyteller’s experiences and the ways they tell their stories. We can guide and mentor you in getting your stories out in ways that are accessible to people with and without disabilities. Brain injury is often called a “silent epidemic.” Let’s add our stories to the mix so that people get a better sense of who we are and how we belong.

Everyone’s story is unique. How will you tell yours?

About Cheryl Green

Cheryl Green, MFA, MS integrates her degrees in Performance As Public Practice and Speech-Language Pathology to explore how story can be used to break down stigma and barriers. She makes films and media that combine personal narrative and self-advocacy to create dynamic, artistic tools for cross-disability justice. She is on the board of Disability Art and Culture Project and served on the board of Brain-injury Information Referral and Resource Development (BIRRDsong). She volunteered with the National Black Disability Coalition and Portland Commission on Disability. Cheryl’s mission with StoryMinders is to create a platform for people with brain injury to use the arts to increase connectedness within this often isolated population, to present stories and concepts in an accessible format, and to promote critical dialogue and change within the larger community.

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StoryMinders spotlights the stories told by those affected by brain injury so that they are included in narratives from the larger disability communities and non-disability communities in accessible ways.


Through accessible media arts, advocacy, and education, StoryMinders shares unique, first-hand stories of brain injury as a path toward equitable inclusion and community change. We create accessible media in cross-disability settings, emphasizing disability identity and culture.

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