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StoryMinders has two areas of film: Brainreels comedies and community-based projects.  Brainreels films use comedy to lighten the load when talking about impairments as well as barriers in society and attitudes.

column_2_iconEducational Presentations

Presentations are tailored to meet each audience’s goals and needs, from informal Q and A to research-based lectures.

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Our needs are not special, even when they involve making accommodations or changing attitudes. They are the needs anyone might have: to be included, feel productive, and take pride in oneself.

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StoryMinders spotlights the stories told by those affected by brain injury so that they are acknowledged and compassionately accepted.


Through film, advocacy, and education, StoryMinders shares unique, first-hand stories of brain injury as a path toward healthy personal acceptance and community change. We also create art in cross-disability, intersectional settings to promote inclusion.

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